Studio Respect Boutique prigode

Studio Respect Boutique prigode is a multifunctional space in Osijek aimed for spending your free time in a different, creative and quality way. The ambience is filled with „once upon a time“ charm, made for you to feel good, nevertheless you come alone or in a good company. From Feel Good & Paint evenings to boutique, elegant, mini events for you and your precious loved ones (boutique weddings, elopement weddings, engagement parties, anniversaries, birthdays, bachelorette parties,…)

Location: Osijek Promenade with a stunning view on river Drava

Parking: right next to the Studio, beside hotel Osijek

Feel Good & Paint evenings

Enjoy your free time in Osijek and have fun with a glass of wine and acrylic colors, known as paint and wine concept. The event is made for you to relax, feel good and take time for yourself. After painting, make some nice photos in the beautifully decorated Studio space.

To spend the evening in this way is really more than just going out. You actually make something for yourself or you can give it to someone as a unique present.

All materials are included and you don’t need previous experience in painting.

Price: 20 €

Reserve your spot on srespect.w@gmail.com or on IG @boutiqueprigode


Romantic evening “Just for us”


„Just for us“ is a unique and innovative concept organized in Studio Respect Boutique prigode.

It is made for couples who wish to spend time in a special way, for proposals, anniversaries, birthdays or any other romantic occasions.

Warm and cosy atmosphere, elegant, romantic, charming decor – everything is set for you. Dress up, go for a hat and a special piece of jewellery or relax in jeans. Spend your evening for two in a „once upon a time“ style – painting on canvas and writing romantic letter to each other. Cake/pizza and wine/tea are included in price, as well as professional photoshoot.

Show each other love, tenderness and care. Each and every moment counts.

All about weddings

  • Elegant space tailor-made for your special festive occasion, decorated with love and amazing details for you and your loved ones
  • We can organize boutique weddings, elopement weddings, engagement parties, anniversaries, birthdays, bachelorette parties or even boutique evenings just for two of you (Just for us concept)
  • Make memories, relax, feel like a star and have fun in this magical interior with a stunning view on river Drava